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In the months before last years Øya festival, there was an ongoing campaign in social media where fans were encouraged to provide their favourite artist with personal tips on what to do while in Oslo. The content was made into 10 unique books, one for each headliner playing the festival. Each book was then handed to their rightful owner backstage, on the day of their concert. The artists include The XX, Lana Del Rey, Young Thug, Madlib, Danny Brown, Ryan Adams, Feist, Mø, Pixies and Mac DeMarco.

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Initial concept by Anorak ↗


Visuelt Awards, Packaging – Gold
Visuelt Awads, Open Class – Diploma
The Most Beautiful Norwegian Books – Diploma
Gullblyanten, Packaging – Gold
Gullblyanten Craft – Silver
Gullbluyanten DM Award – Gold
Gullkorn – Diploma
Gulltaggen – Silver